Thank you again for your trust and support. You’ve told me what matters and we’ve worked hard together for the hometown we love.

We are on the right track but there’s much more to do. That’s why I’m running for re-election, and asking you, once more, to donate to my campaign. Your support has been key in what we’ve accomplished so far:

What we’ve accomplished — progress on traffic, water, and flooding

  • Major tie-ups at May St/San Marco soon to be a thing of the past
  • More stop signs, more sidewalks, fewer “cut-thrus
  • Better sewer system in West Augustine
  • Upgraded flooding solutions in Davis Shores
  • The best credit rating, ever—preparing us for what’s to come

Focused on a more livable city and better service

  • Limiting events and adding peak-season shuttles at no cost to taxpayers
  • Better website, phone systems and staffing to find what you need faster

I hope you’ll join our campaign with a donation so we can keep moving forward with your priorities

  • Amp up enforcement of short-time rental laws including airbnb’s
  • Lobby for “bed tax” dollars to pay for tourism impacts
  • Improve mobility with new bike share pilot, residential parking permits, higher parking prices for visitors
  • Lessen city-wide flooding with new backflow preventers and an “already-funded” new pump station at Maria Sanchez to protect downtown properties